Saturday, March 9, 2013

Seasons or Perpetual Summer? Which Would YOU Choose?

As my husband and I contemplate the possibility of being empty nesters (that is assuming that our children ever move on), we often discuss where we would like to be next. 

As a California boy, he is ready for warm weather again. 

For my part, I would miss the seasons...

From those first days in early April when the forest underbrush ever-so-gently begins to turn green...throwing open all the windows and smiling as the freshly washed cottons billow...listening to the migrating birds arrive daily to wake us with their distinctive songs...children's voices outside playing, sounding older than the year before...crocus and hyacinth...daffodils and leggy tulips...everything young and new again...
Some days in Spring, I swear that I can smell my days in Italy on the breeze...

...the seasons then effortlessly roll into those endlessly hot, lazy days of summer...days when you can walk the dog in shorts and flip flops...watermelon...grilled dinners...swimming...swinging...fanning...sand between your toes and on the wood floors...outdoor music...smores...earthworms on the sidewalk after a rainstorm...the smell of the air after a rainstorm...

Fall tumbles in with the splendor of autumnal colors--oranges, reds, yellows, browns....tree watching on the days that they decide is the perfect day to release their leaves...soups and home baked gazing on crisp evenings under a blanket in front of a bonfire with someone to keep you warm...

But I think my favorite is winter...the absolute silence of falling chocolate...everyone home because it is too cold to be outside for long...movies and a fresh blanket of snow makes everything look better...including ourselves...long pants and long sleeves....not to mention a convenient temperature to enjoy when those waves of heat begin to creep up my neck...glorious...

I would miss all that...

So this is the question...seasons...or perpetual summer? 
Which would you choose?

Monday, February 4, 2013

Chilean White Flesh Nectarines

Chilean white flesh nectarines. I discovered these while pregnant with my son. Craving nectarines in the middle of January, I searched everywhere and found Chilean nectarines at a produce market. I am sure I put several Chilean farmer's children through college with the quantity that I ate that winter!

You can only get them this time of year.  Keep a look out for them!  Yummmm.

...another reason to love winter.  Have a delicious evening,

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Consignment Shop Mirror Redo

My favorite consignment shop is Consign and Redesign in LaGrange, IL.  They have
wonderful taste and always have something to tease my wallet!  Today's find was a mirror to go above our mantle.  The mantle runs the length of the wall and is up high, so I needed something narrow.  This is what I found for $30...

Perfect size.  Loved the shape, but the brass had to go.  Home to my trusty can of Rustoleum.

First, I removed the brass plates by unscrewing them from the mirror.
Then, I spray painted the brass with Rustoleum Heritage White in Satin.  (Since the mirror will not be regularly handled, I did not spray first with a primer).  If you choose to prime, a good oil based primer (like Rustoleum's) works well.
After it dried, I screwed it all back together and voila.  Lovely!  Perfect in my office.

No need to spend a lot on a mirror.  Have a great day!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Le Swank Shank Cafe

Lovin' my new chalk marker.  It'll write on anything.  I may just continue writing right around the corner into the family room...and straight on out the door...

Thank you, Pentel.


This is the very tip of the island of Šolta, Croatia…the place from which my paternal great-grandfather began his voyage to America.

Leaving family, friends and everything he knew to venture toward a new life and a new beginning took incredible courage.

Whenever I falter, hesitant about a new path my life can take, I think of this place and him and this point...and I know I can move sail on…

Monday, January 14, 2013


This is a new road I am traveling this winter...blogging...I hope that I will add something worthwhile to the virtual conversation....Stay tuned...